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Premium Athletic Underwear

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Made to perform on the highest possible level. Minimal design, athletic structure and maximum comfort.

If it comes to comfort, design and the perfect fit, our team made sure to deliver nothing but the best of all worlds. It all started with the fact, that our founder spent too many years in the wrong underwear. As a former football player & racing skier with quite strong legs, he traveled from competition to competition without his underwear riding up, pinching and sagging all the time. Instead of waiting and hoping for a brand to recognize this kind of problem he redefined the modern mens underwear by himself.

30% more length

No riding up at any time anymore

99% satisfied customers

Only 1 pair made its way back to us

90% more comfort

Finest European fabrics

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Mens underwear redefined in comfort & quality throughout a genious shape and the finest fabrics.

Redefining a classic underwear and solving mens daily problems doesn’t mean to just create something different. It means finding a solution to make the life of many men better and most important more comfortable. It means understanding the daily issues and make it your mission to solve them. That's the main reason why he quit his job and started Blck Flag Co. In cooperation with some of the best designers & production partners, we created the most comfortable underwear on the market. Carefully made in Portugal and designed in Switzerland.


" Bro the underwear are the most comfortable pair i have ever owned. I workout in them or wear them casually at anytime and they perfectly work both sides. Awesome work! "

jeff loagz, celebrity fitness trainer